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Link building is an essential part of SEO and as such choosing the right provider is important. We have more than 19 years of SEO experience and have completed more than 1400 projects during this time. We pride ourselves on having over 900 independent reviews on peopleperhour.com, check our profile out at pph.me/topukseo

We have our own in-house copywriters and SEO experts and have partnered with blog owners and news outlets worldwide to provide outreach and press release services


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We build high-quality links for competitive prices

Not all links are the same, we build only high-quality links for your website at a competitive price, to increase your rankings organically. We use an extremely powerful in-house formula along with manual site check, based on the best practices in the industry.

If you require help choosing a backlink service we can help you get started, just answer a few questions and let us get started.

Our link builders will create high-quality white-hat links that will help your brand to grow, obtain more traffic from search engines and drive organic web traffic.

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We have a 3-step proven process for outreach link building

We follow a 3-step link building process, something we have relied upon, and more importantly, which has proven to work during our 19 years of SEO experience.

Step One – We have experts in search engine marketing who outreach and work to find high quality and relevant websites to your own.

Step Two – Our professional content writers will then write high-quality articles tailored to your website. These bespoke articles will include your backlinks then you then approve the articles.

Step Three – The final step is for our team to place your bespoke content on the high-quality websites along with naturally including a permanent link back to your website.

Why choose us for your link building?

If you look around you will find many sites offering backlinks, some of which even claim to give you free backlinks. However, not all backlinks are of the same quality. To make backlinking work for you, the links have to be on quality sites.

Not all companies offering links are as diligent as we are or as competent. We have more than 800 plus independent reviews that demonstrate the quality of work we offer.

We are a dedicated link building agency that takes pride in securing only high-quality backlinks for you. Our specialist SEO team offers a personalised service, tailored to meet your specific needs.

After the initial contact, our specialist team will methodically assess your website or blog, reviewing all content on it. We do this so we know your site inside out, which allows us to obtain the best backlinks for you for a competitive price.

What makes us stand out above competitors

Now let us take a look at what makes us stand out above our competitors.

1.     We build you 100% white hat backlinks that boost your rankings

Backlinks are a great way to boost your website rankings, but only if the links are high quality. Poor and bad links can do more damage than good and often can mean a total loss of rankings in the popular search engines.

Bad backlinks can see your website plummet from a reasonable standing on search engines to disappearing into the voids completely. We don’t use black hat techniques, only honest white hat.

2.     Our strategies for link building are future proof

Getting into the top rankings of Google search engine is a feat. Remaining there is an even bigger feat due to the frequent updates made. You can go from ranking on the first page of Google to coming in nowhere following an update. Yes, your site can disappear overnight.

Our specialist team of SEO experts do not just take the present into account. They consider the future as well, which means that our strategies for link building are future proof.

You no longer have to panic and wonder if your site will fall foul and disappear from rankings when Google brings out an update. Our team work on guest posts, inserting links and resource pages that will stand the test of time.

3.     Our team works alongside high-quality businesses and agencies

Our expert SEO team works alongside agencies that want to outsource their link building or SEO services. If you are looking for a highly qualified team who have a proven track record in effective link building we are that team.

4.     You avoid Google penalties thanks to our proven strategies

You can be flying high on Google rankings one day then the next your website is hit by Google penalties.

One way to earn penalties, which damage your site, is by having poor links, and/or using underhand black hat techniques to acquire your links.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the penalties as our specialist team has proven strategies to avoid those penalties. We follow guidelines that are very strict when we are building backlinks, so rest assured our technical knowledge is second to none.

5.     You can focus on other aspects while your rankings grow

Even if you have some knowledge of building links, it takes a great deal of time to do so. This is time that you could spend on other aspects of your business or even your personal life.

There is a reason we have been in the link building and SEO business for more than 19 years, we are the best at what we do. Leave your backlinking to us and sit back and watch your search engine rankings, along with your leads and sales, grow.

Still not convinced?

If you are still not convinced, consider the fact that our specialist team have offered exceptional link building services to clients worldwide.

We follow a simple yet very effective link building process with only quality websites and using bespoke high-quality content. This provides authority and trust, which in turn improves the organic rankings of your website.

Any links supplied by us are as permanent as possible, with consideration taken for the fact that we are not the website owners where links are placed. However, we do offer a guarantee that backlinks are replaced if they should be removed during the first 12 month period.

Check out our link building packages or create a custom link campaign.

Reasons why our clients trust us as their SEO partners

Here are eight reasons we have become a trusted and established link building company.

  1. We focus on high quality first and foremost
  2. We have over 19 years of SEO experience
  3. We have worked on more than 1400 projects
  4. Have over 800 independent reviews
  5. All of our team members are experienced and qualified and UK based
  6. We focus on customer care 100%
  7. Offer honest reports regularly
  8. Have 100% transparency
  9. Our team works alongside agencies
  10. Good results are top priority and we are commercially minded.

Boost search engine rankings organically

We help you to boost your search engine rankings organically so there are no penalties from Google.

A tailored service

We offer a tailored service based on your specific requirements. You can tell us the minimum domain authority you want backlinks from along with any other metrics and our experts will work to these guidelines to find your links.

Mixed bespoke content from 500 to 5000 words

Our copywriters will write bespoke content for your backlinks and to avoid leaving footprints we offer a mix of content length. This can be anything from a brief 500-word blog post to an in-depth article of up to 5000 words.

Make sure content is perfect

Our SEO copyrwriters have years of experience in creating compelling SEO friendly copy that gets noticed.

Links are guaranteed

We take a great deal of pride in our link building service and guarantee that any links we place will remain live for 12 months at least. If a link is removed during this time, we replace it.

Backlinks from high-quality sites only

We rely on a point system to ensure that every website we place a link is going to help to boost your search engine rankings and have a positive impact on your site. We do not use private networks offering links or sites that are specifically built for links. All links placed are done so on natural websites.

Link building to dominate search engines

Our link building service offers only the highest quality, powerful and safe links that help you to boost SEO organically. Digital agencies along with businesses choose our service over competitors, as we are a proven outreach partner, having worked on more than 1400 projects.

We provide white hat relevant links

As part of our link building service, we offer high-quality white hat SEO backlinks which are theme-based, something which Google and other search engines find useful.

Our team of SEO experts take a research based approach to finding links which help benefit our clients

Our team of writers are native English speaking

Content used to build links and boost search engine rankings has to be relevant, natural, written well and unique.

Our team of writers write for any niche and you can be sure that the content has perfect grammar and style.

Naturally placed links

We take great care to ensure that all links appear in the content naturally and do not look forced. We never add links randomly and we do not over optimise links.

One to one relationships with site owners

Our team of SEO experts enjoy one to one relationships with owners of real websites. We do not work with private backlink networks.

Written content is unique

Any written content supplied by our team of UK writers is bespoke and unique. No content is copy and paste, it is all written fresh by only the best writers out there.

Experienced consultants

When you take on our link building services, you work directly with experienced consultants with more than 19 years of SEO experience.

You have the assurance that our consultants fully integrate link building into your marketing strategy.

Our 6 point promise

We offer our link building services with a six-point promise.

  1. We offer a fast turnaround. Producing high-quality content and backlinks does take time, as you will appreciate. However, our aim is to deliver your order within a period of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the package
  2. Our team keep you informed every step of the way, providing live campaign tracking
  3. If you are not 100% satisfied with any website we choose we will replace that site
  4. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the first order of up to 10 links and will refund your costs no questions asked
  5. Our writers produce unique and relevant high quality written content that is checked and proofread
  6. If any links are removed within 12 months, we will replace them.



  1. What is your pricing compared to competitors?
  2. You should consider the fact that price is relative. We do offer competitive rates. When considering the quote you have to take into account that we are a group of experienced SEO experts based in the UK, not overseas, who research, offer bespoke high quality written content, screen sites and offer one on one support. You might find cheaper lower quality links out there, but the best does cost a little more.
  3. Do I have a say in what websites you outreach to?
  4. You most certainly do have a say in it. We will show you a list of the sites we believe are the best match for your site and you can tell us if you do not want a site on the list.
  5. Can I check the written content before it goes live with links?
  6. Yes. You can check and read the content and even ask for amendments if required. The content and links are only placed after you are totally satisfied.
  7. How long can I expect the links to remain on sites?
  8. The majority of links that we place, around 96%, remain on the sites forever. If links are taken down within 12 months, we will replace them.
  9. How long before I see links coming in?
  10. On average, it takes about 4 weeks. On saying this, you could see the first link inside a week. Of course, there may be exceptions to this if the owner of the website is extremely busy.
  11. Do any links come from private backlink networks?
  12. We never work with private backlink networks to get you links. In fact, we keep a database of websites that we have blacklisted and would never use. All sites we use for links are high-quality sites that are relevant and which publish regular quality content.
  13. Do you report back to me?
  14. We work alongside our clients each step of the way and offer a live reporting area. In this area, you can check your links and more.

Get featured on 300+ TOP USA & UK news sites – NBC, FOX, Google News

Original price was: £200.00.Current price is: £80.00.
We will write a unique press release and distribute to top news sites for massive SEO exposure
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Managed SEO

Minimum sign up: 3 months Our managed SEO packages allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that all of your SEO requirements are being managed and taken care of for you. We include everything you need to get your site ranking well in the search engines and manage the whole process from content to link building. Firstly we start off with detailed keyword research to find out the best keywords you should be targeting. Next a full SEO site audit to make sure there is nothing that would prevent the site from ranking well, based on this we can then put together the best strategy going forward. If you havent already got Google analytics and search console set up, we will help with this also. Each month we will be performing different duties based on the finding in the audit and agreed strategy, this may change slightly from month to month based on the performance. For example one month we may more on-site work or copywriting and the following month may be backlink building, depending on whats needed at the time. Typically monthly tasks would include
  • Fixing on-site SEO errors found in the audit
  • Optimising meta titles and page headings
  • SEO copywriting for pages or blog posts to ensure they meet keyword and quantity requirements
  • Diverse backlink building from a range of sources such as blog outreach and local business citations
Pricing is based on the number and difficulty of keywords you are targeting. For example a customer selling car insurance nationally is in a very competitive area and more work than someone selling antique clocks in Warwickshire for example. If you are unsure of your competition level, please get in touch and we can guide you. Package descriptions Basic - Suitable for low competition sites with up to 10 target keywords Standard - Suitable for low / medium competition sites with 10-20 target keywords Pro - Suitable for medium / high competition sites with 20-30 target keywords   You can also pay monthly by Direct Debit, please contact us for details  
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Premium Local Business Citations to Boost Your SEO

After 18 years of working in the SEO industry and working with businesses across the UK, I have put together an exclusive list of the TOP citation sites that genuinely make a significant impact on your SEO efforts. After your order has been place an email will be sent with a form link to collect your business information.
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