Expert Level SEO Copywriting – 1000 words

If you’re looking for top-quality content that is actually interesting to read while also doing wonders for your SEO, then our expert level copywriting is for you.

Your web page, article or blog post will be written by Stephanie, our lead copywriter. Stephanie is an expert in crafting SEO focused content that is also compelling to read with your target marking in mind.

With a high level of research and plenty of analysis to make sure your article is fresh, with a unique take on the subject, We carefully craft content to impress.

We can Cover almost any subject, we love to research and spend a great deal of time carefully combing through every element of research we can find to give your content authority and compelling facts.

The article will be proofread and referenced accordingly. And, of course, it will then be plagiarism checked using Copyscape Premium for your peace of mind.

We offer a simple pricing structure of £150 per 1000 words which is the minimum amount we recommend for SEO purposes

Please note:

As its only Stephanie, the available is extremely limited. Turnaround times are 7-10 working days during normal workloads and 14 – 21 days during busy periods

If your website is one of the 75 million using WordPress, we can fully optimise your content for Yoast SEO and Readability scores, ensuring you have the ‘green light’ in both categories, this will also include a copyright-free image and uploading to your site

If you’d like any information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Get featured on 300+ TOP USA & UK news sites – NBC, FOX, Google News

Original price was: £200.00.Current price is: £80.00.
We will write a unique press release and distribute to top news sites for massive SEO exposure
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Managed SEO

Minimum sign up: 3 months Our managed SEO packages allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that all of your SEO requirements are being managed and taken care of for you. We include everything you need to get your site ranking well in the search engines and manage the whole process from content to link building. Firstly we start off with detailed keyword research to find out the best keywords you should be targeting. Next a full SEO site audit to make sure there is nothing that would prevent the site from ranking well, based on this we can then put together the best strategy going forward. If you havent already got Google analytics and search console set up, we will help with this also. Each month we will be performing different duties based on the finding in the audit and agreed strategy, this may change slightly from month to month based on the performance. For example one month we may more on-site work or copywriting and the following month may be backlink building, depending on whats needed at the time. Typically monthly tasks would include
  • Fixing on-site SEO errors found in the audit
  • Optimising meta titles and page headings
  • SEO copywriting for pages or blog posts to ensure they meet keyword and quantity requirements
  • Diverse backlink building from a range of sources such as blog outreach and local business citations
Pricing is based on the number and difficulty of keywords you are targeting. For example a customer selling car insurance nationally is in a very competitive area and more work than someone selling antique clocks in Warwickshire for example. If you are unsure of your competition level, please get in touch and we can guide you. Package descriptions Basic - Suitable for low competition sites with up to 10 target keywords Standard - Suitable for low / medium competition sites with 10-20 target keywords Pro - Suitable for medium / high competition sites with 20-30 target keywords   You can also pay monthly by Direct Debit, please contact us for details  
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Premium Local Business Citations to Boost Your SEO

After 18 years of working in the SEO industry and working with businesses across the UK, I have put together an exclusive list of the TOP citation sites that genuinely make a significant impact on your SEO efforts. After your order has been place an email will be sent with a form link to collect your business information.
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Expert Level SEO Copywriting – 1000 words


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